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St. Augustine Moving & Storage offers many moving supplies to help you with your move. You can place an order online for boxes and supplies and have them delivered right to your door if you are local!

Run out of moving boxes? No problem. We carry a complete line of boxes, and other moving supplies.

We have a complete line of boxes that includes:

Small Moving Boxes - perfect moving boxes for items such as CDs, collectibles, toiletries, canned good etc

Medium Moving Boxes - our medium moving boxes are perfect for moderately heavy or bulky items such as kitchenware, clothing, linens, small appliances, toys etc.

Large Moving Boxes - our large moving boxes for lampshades, electronic equipment, stuffed animals, comforters, pillows etc. Wardrobe Boxes - our wardrobe boxes are nice and sturdy and have a metal hanging bar.

Our moving boxes are strong corrugated high quality boxes. 

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